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Conditions for car rental in Bulgaria

We offer All inclusive cars rental services with Full insurance.

Requirements to the tenant:

  • Valid driving license – minimum 2 years
  • Valid Identity Card or Passport
  • Document registered address in the country of residence
  • Minimum age – 21 years

Rental period:

  • Minimum rental period – 2 days (48 hours)
  • When returning the car the client has the right of 2 hours free of charge period, after that it is accounted a whole rental day

Prices and ways of payment:

  • All prices in euro and include:
  • Unlimited mileages
  • Super Insurance – without excess. (Please, read below what includes Super Car Insurance)
  • VAT 20% and all taxes
  • Road fee “Vignette”
  • Replacement vehicle – for technical reasons
  • 24/7 Free Pick up – Drop off (for territory Sofia city and Sofia airport)
  • 24/7 Free Road assistance
  • 24/7 contact our team
  • Free 2 additional drivers
  • Additional Free extras Only in advanced request! (travel map, winter tires)
  • We accept:
  • Cash payment (when pick up the car)
  • Bank transfer or credit card payment (please, request in advance)
  • PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • *All charges are for client’s account.

What includes Super Insurance:

    • Your rental is protected with our Super Insurance! In the event of damage or theft to the car, you are not required to pay any excess as long as the use of the car is according to terms & conditions below.

It is obligatory to present a document from the Police for the insurance event.

  • Collision damage waiver with ZERO EXCESS (CDW) – The renter is insured for the rental vehicle damaged by accident with no obligation to pay any excess.
  • Full collision damage waiver with ZERO EXCESS (FDW & WUG) – The renter is insured for damages caused to the underside of the vehicle, glass, tires and engine with no obligation to pay any excess. It may also be referred as Super Collision damage waiver (SCDW) or Full collision damage waiver (FCDW) or Wheels under side and glass insurance (WUG).
  • Theft Protection with ZERO EXCESS (TP) – The renter is insured in case the vehicle is stolen, except if theft occurs because of negligence. Any stolen belongings in the interior of the car (eg. cameras, travel bags or cell-phones) are not covered by any insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance (PL) – The renter’s liability is covered to a maximum of €1.000.000 for death and bodily injuries and BGN 1.000.000 for material damages. May also referred as PLI.
  • Personal accident insurance (PAI) – Passengers of the rental vehicle are insured for death or bodily injuries in case of accident to a maximum of BGN 1.000.000. Driver is insured to the amount of BGN 15.000.

Delivery/Return of the vehicle:

  • For Airport Sofia it is free of charge
  • Out of Sofia: Please, call for further information!
  • Out of Bulgaria: Not allowed!

Hiring a car with a driver:

  • At your desire Teodor Tours can give you up one, which is paid 25€ per day
  • If travelling out of the country for more than one day: Not allowed!

Fuel politics:

  • The used fuel from the tenant
  • The cars are delivered with empty tank – the car has a fuel for 100 km.
  • The cars should be returned with empty tank
  • If the client wants, we could deliver the car with full tank and return it with empty tank. In this case, the fuel will be paid by the client provided his account.

Traveling out of the Bulgaria:

  • Not allowed! When leaving the country without express written permission from the company, the customer owes a penalty of € 1,000 and payment of all related costs.

The rental cars were equipped:

  • Standard equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Traffic Police – first aid kit, fire extinguisher, reflective vest, spare tire, jack tire, car jack, season tires. In winter – snow chains, brush snow and ice.;

Technical problems:

  • In case of a car problem, the client should get in touch with Teodor Tours on the emergency phone number, written in the rent a car contract. Depending on what damage we will send a Free 24/7 Road Assistance or will direct you to the nearest authorized service. In willfully troubleshooting vehicle without the knowledge and consent of the company, the cost will be paid by the customer.
  • Failing to remove the technical problem, the company will deliver a replacement vehicle.

In cases of motorcar accident:

  • Call on the emergency phone number, written in the rent a car contract. After that pleas call the police (telephone number 112) and ask to draw you up a written statement about an accident.



The insurance for damages is not valid in the following cases:

  • If the car is driven after the use of alcohol or narcotics;
  • In case of a car accident, a written statement about the accident from the Traffic Police is not presented;
  • The tenant has allowed to another person, not listed in the rent-a-car contract to drive the car;
  • The tires of the car are damaged, in result of fire or car accident;
  • The tenet deliberately has caused damages to the car and its accessories;
  • Elements of the interior – seats, ceiling board, peel of doors, handles and other items from inside the passenger compartment of the car were damaged, missing or very dirty – as a result of dirty or to misuse;

The insurance in case of theft is not valid in the following cases:

  • The car has been left unlocked;
  • The car has been left with alarm switched off;
  • The car has been left with documents in it;
  • The car has been left with the audio-system panel in;
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