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Conditions for car rental in Bulgaria

1.Requirements to the tenant:

1.1 A valid motor vehicle driving license and inspection ticket (or a document whose deadline does not expire, at least 3 days before the date of return of the rental car), with a minimum of 2 (two) years of experience.

An International Driving License is mandatory for all drivers who does not have a driving license issued by a country in the European Union.

1.2 A valid identity document – identity card (ID) or international passport with specified address by place of residence.

1.3 At least 25 years old – age restrictions are applied depending on the class of the car.

1.3.1 For renting a car from Economy, Compact and Medium class – the minimum age is 25 years old.

1.3.2 For renting a car from Standard, Minivan, Crossover and Jeep 4×4 class – the minimum age is 28 years of age with a minimum experience as a driver of 5 years.

1.4 When concluding a Rental Agreement, the Tenant is required to provide originals and copies of a driver’s license and an identity card / international passport (you can also send the copies of the documents in advance).

1.4.1 In certain cases, the Lessor may requests additional data and documents from the Tenant.

1.5 The Lessee is obliged to comply with the laws, to be a good owner of the rental car, to promptly notify the Lessor of any events related to the rented car.

   2.Car rental period:

2.1 The minimum car rental period is 2 days (48 hours). This period may be changed at the Lessor’s discretion.

2.2 If you would like to rent a car for a long-term period (more than 6 months), contact our team to get the most favorable prices and conditions for you.

3. Delay in returning the rental car:

3.1 When returning the car, the customer is entitled to a grace period of 2 hours (must be agreed in advance and entered in the rental contract).

3.2 For a delay of more than 2 hours, a full rental day is charged;

4.Prices and method of payment:

4.1 All prices are in euros at the rate of 1 euro = 1.95583 BGN, based on a 24-hour rental from the time of rental and include:

4.1.1 VAT and all taxes and fees (does not include the fuel used, parking fees, fines, acts, receipts, etc. related to the management of the car by the Lessee).

4.1.2 Full Casco Insurance (No financial responsibility of the Lessee) including: Super collision damage waiver (SPCDW) + Super Theft Waiver (SPTHW) insurances – exempting the Client from liability for damage to cars in the event of road accidents, natural disasters, fire, theft.

*Timely notification of the Lessor and the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is mandatory. The provision of a traffic accident report by the traffic police/police is mandatory.

 **This type of insurance is the best in Bulgaria and only we offer it at no extra charge.

4.1.3 Unlimited mileage – no limit on kilometers travelled.

4.1.4 Vignette – annual tax for driving on first-class and intercity roads and highways in Bulgaria.

4.1.5 24/7 delivery/return of the car – delivery is free to Sofia airport during working hours and for rentals for 5 or more days.

4.1.6 24/7 Roadside assistance – we provide you with the SBA “Golden Card” for 24/7 free roadside assistance in Bulgaria.

4.1.7 Additional drivers (drivers) – free entry of up to 2 additional drivers in the rental agreement, giving them the right to drive the vehicle under the conditions and insurances of the Basic Driver. *In most car rental companies, each additional driver is charged.

4.1.8 Replacement vehicle – in the event of a technical problem arising from the normal use of the rented vehicle, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle.

4.1.9 Seasonal Equipment/Tires. *In 95% of the rent a car companies, these extras are paid.

4.1.10 Cars are handed over to the Customer professionally cleaned. That’s how they should be returned. If the Customer is unable to return the vehicle cleaned (interior and exterior), there is a fee of 15 euros for a car, 20 euros  for a minivan, 25 euros for a jeep. In the case of severe contamination found on the interior and/or exterior of the car – the Customer also pays the cost of the service for their removal.

4.2 Payment is made:

4.2.1 in cash when renting (delivery/pick up) of the car. You can pay in a currency convenient for you – the rental amount is recalculated according to the exchange rate at the time of rental.

4.2.2 by bank transfer – in advance, to a bank account provided by the company.

*Bank charges are for the client’s account.

4.2.3 through payment systems Revolut, Western Union, Money Gram

*It is possible to charge a fee, in which case it is at the Lessee’s expense.

4.4 The deposit is payable upon conclusion of the contract.

4.4.1 The deposit is returned on the day of drop off of the car and if no shortages and/or damages are found.

5.Delivery/Return of the rental car:

5.1 Delivery / Return for the territory of Sofia and at Sofia Airport is 24/7 and is free of charge for rental periods of 5 or more days and during working hours.

5.1.1 Delivery / Return of a car in Sofia and at Sofia airport outside working hours is subject to a fee of 10 euros for each time.

5.1.2 Delivery / Return of a car in Sofia and at Sofia airport for rental periods over 5 days and during working hours is FREE of charge.

5.1.3 When delivering/returning a car in Sofia and at Sofia airport for a rental periods of less than 5 days and during working hours, a fee of 10 euros is applied for each time.

5.2 A fee of €0.50 per kilometer in both directions applies for delivery or drop off of a car outside of Sofia.

5.2.1 Restrictions and/or impossibility of delivery outside Sofia are possible.

*Please contact us for more information!

6.Car rental with driver provided by us:

6.1 May provide you with a qualified driver. The price is 45 euros per day based on 8 hours.

6.2 If the trip is outside Sofia and the overnight stay is in another populated place, the costs for the overnight stay are borne by the customer.

7.Fuel Policy:

7.1 Cars are delivered with an empty tank (there is a fuel for 100 km) and should be returned empty;

8.Travel outside the country:

8.1 Cars are NOT ALLOWED to leave the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

9.Our rental cars have:

9.1 All necessary documents for renting.

9.2 Standard equipment – spare tire, jack, tire wrench.

9.3 Equipment according to the requirements of the traffic police – emergency triangle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, reflective vest.

10.In case of technical problems:

10.1 in the event of a technical problem, the customer must contact the Teodor Tours Ltd. team on the emergency phone number listed in the car rental contract.

10.2 replacement car – in the event of a technical malfunction (arising in connection with the normal use of the car), we will provide you with a replacement car FREE of charge. In the event of an accident or malfunction beyond our control, we can deliver a car to you, paying the costs of delivery and rental.

11.In the event of a traffic accident (traffic accident):

In case of a road accident, call the emergency number in Bulgaria (tel.: 112) and ask for assistance. Then call the emergency companies for follow-up.


12.1 It is not allowed to drive the cars outside the first-class, second-class and third-class roads of the Republic of Bulgaria – if violations are found, the deposit will not be returned.

12.2 The towing of other motor vehicles and public transport vehicles, trailers, participation in off-road, drifting, the transportation of dangerous or construction materials, sublease, driving under the influence of prohibited substances, driving by unauthorized persons and violating the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria are not allowed.

12.3 Exceeding the capacity of the rented cars is not allowed. If a down payment or deposit has been paid, it will not be refunded.

12.4 The Lessor reserves the right to refuse the rental of a car at any time and at its discretion and judgment for violation of the clauses of this contract. If a stop deposit has been paid, it will be refunded in the manner in which it was paid – if the clauses of this contract are complied with.


*Damage insurance is not valid in the following cases:

if the car is driven after using alcohol or drugs;

in the event of a traffic accident, if there is no a REPORT of  traffic police

the client has allowed another person not authorized in the rental agreement to drive the vehicle;

the car’s tires and/or rims are damaged and no traffic police report has been provided;

the renter has intentionally damaged the vehicle, its accessories or equipment.

the Client does not comply with the laws in the Republic of Bulgaria and is responsible for the accident that occurred.

*Theft insurance is not valid in the following cases:

no report on the theft was presented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

the documents and car keys have not been returned;

the vehicle is left unlocked;

the vehicle is left without the alarm system activated;

the car’s documents are left in it;

the vehicle has been given to another person

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