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Minivan rental at Sofia Airport

Year: 2012
Power: 1.9 CDTI (125 hp)
Gears: Manual 6-speeds
Fuel: Diesel
Average Consumption: 6.5 / 100
Tank capacity: 60 liters
Doors: 5
Seats: 5 + 2


5 seats: 3-4 medium suitcases
6 seats: 2-3 small suitcases
7 seats: 1-2 bags


Climatronic (air conditioning with automatic body temperature control)
AIRBAGS – front, side and curtain type
Cruise control (cruise control)
Board computer
Automatic headlights and wipers
Radio + CD + MP3 with steering wheel control
Central lock

Car rental car insurance

Our car insurance is one of the best in the car rental market in Bulgaria. By renting a car from our company, you are 100% safe and secure. You are not worried and indulging in your whole trip, vacation.

All cars have full auto insurance and civil liability with an increase in rent a car (rental). In addition, we have taken care of your comfort – we also provide 24/7 FREE ROAD ASSISTANCE from the SBA.

In case of a technical malfunction of the rented car (regardless of your location) – our trusted repair shops throughout Bulgaria will respond and help immediately.

In case of a car accident and damage to the car – inform us immediately, we will guide you and together we will resolve the situation.



Пожелаваме ви, безаварийно пътуване!

Why rent a minivan in Sofia?

If you are arriving in Sofia and you need a minivan for hire, then our company is the best choice. We have different models of family cars for rent in Sofia and the airport. Minivan-class rental cars are distinguished by their spacious and comfortable interior space, rich equipment – air conditioning / climate control, security systems. The offered minivan models for rent are convenient and practical both for city driving and for country trips in Bulgaria. Depending on your needs, you can use 5, 6 or 7 places of capacity of the car.

Rent Opel Zafira – the best minivan

Opel Zafira – a family car with five seats. By classification, this is from the minivan segment. If necessary, 2 extra seats open in the luggage compartment. They can be used separately – so the car transforms into a 6 or 7-seater. Its interior space is convenient, comfortable and with a great size. The seats are comfortable and practical. They are made of brown eco leather. About 3-5 suitcases are placed in the trunk, depending on their size and unused third-row seats. Management is convenient and affordable. It has a 6-speed gearbox and a reasonably powerful and manoeuvrable diesel engine. The road features are more than impressive. Depending on the load, road conditions and speed – the flow rate is about 6.5 liters per 100 km.

2 days x €23 = €46

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Free extras:

Пълна Застраховка (Excess=0) - Безплатно
Допълнителни шофьори - Безплатно
Baby Car Basket (0m.-9m.) - Free
Baby car chair (6м.-4y.) - Free
Child car chair (4-7y.) - Free
Booster (7+) - Free
Ski Rack - Free
Snow Chains - Free
Car brands Opel
Gearbox Manual
Class Minivan 5+2
Fuel Diesel
Doors 4/5
Passengers 5+2
Air conditioning Yes
Suitcases 2-4
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